Strong Performance Ends in Disappointing Result for Multimatic Motorsports at VIR

Strong Performance Ends in Disappointing Result for Multimatic Motorsports at VIR

ALTON, VA (May 24th, 2011) – A dominant first shift for Joe Foster, starting from the outside pole and pitting while comfortably leading the race all went bad as a fumbled driver change was enough to push the #15 Boss 302R back into the mid-pack scrum from which, in this incredibly competitive series, it was never able to recover. Scott Maxwell returned to the race in P11 after the first stop but, despite some exceptional driving and a number of outstanding passes, was never able to get clear of the mayhem of the extremely aggressive group within which he found himself embroiled. Frustration ultimately led to a late race, low percentage, three wide move down into corner one which appeared to be going Maxwell’s way until the #9 Camaro of John Edwards closed the door and forced the bright yellow Mustang off-line and straight into the back of Matt Plumbs #13 BMW. The Rum Bum sponsored BMW came out worse for the move as both Plumb and Maxwell ran out of road and ended up in the grass, the Mustang luckily scrubbing enough speed to get back on track in P17 while the M3 hit the tire wall hard. Maxwell immediately came on the radio to ask team manager Sean Mason to apologize to the Rum Bum team for the unfortunate outcome. He took full responsibility for the incident and race director Mark Raffauf obviously concurred by awarding the #15 a stop and go penalty resulting in Maxwell returning to competition in P34 with seven laps remaining, which he used to drive back to P15 at the finish allowing the team to retain second place in the championship. Highlights of the weekend were as follows:

  • “Front Row Joe” Foster maintained his series leading qualifying record by putting the Multimatic Motorsports Mustang Boss 302R on the outside of the front row. Foster felt that the #15 had the speed for another pole but was baulked by a slower car on his first attempt and then missed a shift on his flyer which ended in a lap 0.4 seconds slower than the car’s known capability (which would have been an easy pole). An oversteering set-up forced Foster to be using two hands on the wheel at the time of the required shift so the team’s Technical Director, Larry Holt, went back to the set-up to eliminate the problem for the race.
  • Once again, Foster did what he does best and ran a flawless first stint, looking after the car for Maxwell and handing it off in the lead. Although briefly dropping to P3 at the start to avoid the inevitable first corner rubbing, Foster picked off the two BMWs in front of him and took advantage of a full course caution on lap 19 to pit for full service. Although the tires and fuel were executed in good time the driver change was slowed by a problem with the safety harness and ten cars passed the very frustrated Multimatic crew in the lane before Maxwell rejoined the competition with a daunting line of cars in front of him.
  • Maxwell had an eventful two shift run to the finish fraught with incidents, including making contact with a competitor’s crew member during the busy second round of stops, luckily without serious injury, and then losing over twenty positions due to the stop and go penalty assessed for the aggressive passing maneuver on the #13 and #9 cars.  The final seven laps saw Maxwell make more than fifteen passes to claw back valuable championship points.


Joe Foster

“Not a great outcome to a weekend that started very strongly for us. The car was good right off the trailer if not a little loose for the potential of a wet race. We worked up a good wet set-up but then chose to race what we originally had which turned out to be a good call and I had an easy run at the front for the second half of my stint with no real challenges. I knew that we were in trouble during the stop when I reached for the inside belt to help Scott and he was sitting on it. I heard the cars going past behind me on the lane and it seemed like an eternity before we got rolling. We lost ten spots in the blink of an eye, every single one of those being a tremendous challenge to claw back on the track. This series is so competitive that there is no possibility to really come back from that kind of deficit, although I can always count on Max to give it a good try!”

Scott Maxwell

“I feel terrible for what happened to Matt (Plumb) in that first corner incident, I was making a clean pass on the Camaro and he came across on me and so I was forced into the back of the Rum Bum car sending it off into the grass at speed which was impossible to recover from. I scrubbed enough speed to ride the rim but lost a pile of spots which then got even worse when we were assessed a stop and go penalty. Our race was really ruined at the first stop when Joe and I got the belts twisted-up and I ended up coming out in the middle of the GS pack. The driving in that group is very aggressive and it is almost impossible to get through it once you are there. I tried but it was taking some really marginal stuff to get by and that finally caught up with me. I phoned Matt and Joe (Vardy, team manager of the Rum Bum team) to apologize and they both showed a lot of class – Matt said he knew I hadn’t done it on purpose because I hit him so hard!!”

Larry Holt

“I would rather just forget that trip to Virginia. Once again, the outcome emphasizes the competiveness of this championship. You can’t so much as blink in the pit lane without losing enough to shove you way down the finishing order. I really can’t criticize anything that happened other than the driver change which was just bad luck. The car was fast, the team performed well, the strategy was good and both drivers did an outstanding job on the track. Although Scott is beating himself up over the corner one incident with Matt, I strongly feel the whole thing could have been avoided if Edwards had kept his line, he came over and Max had nowhere to go but into the back of the BMW. It may have been an aggressive pass but it would have worked with a lot of the other guys out there.”

Round five of the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge takes place May 28th at Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, Connecticut.

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