Sean Mason Q&A – Homestead Preview

DAYTONA, FL (March 3rd, 2010) – Q: What were the key things you learned from the Daytona race?

SM: We learned a lot about the new Ford Mustang Boss 302R at Daytona, unfortunately at a race and not during testing. I think the primary thing was the overheating issues with the car that we need to sort out. We also learned a lot about the set up and how it changed throughout the race as well. The focus of our efforts since that Daytona debut has been on improving the cooling system working together with Ford Racing. The car had the pace at Daytona, we just need to lower the temperatures.

Q: Have you done any key updates to the Mustang Boss 302R since Daytona and what are they?

SM: The biggest single thing that we worked on is the radiator cooling package, we tested a few new radiators at the Ford climatic wind tunnel.  Getting the temperatures down is important, particularly as we race in heavy traffic.  Getting lots of air flow when you are out on your own is one thing, but there are huge fields in this Championship and racing in traffic with restricted clean air is always going to be an issue.

Q: How good a platform does the base Mustang provide in developing a racecar?

SM: I think it gets better every year as the production street car improves. The changes that Ford has made to the Mustang obviously makes things easier when developing the racer. The core package that you start with is better than it’s ever been before. We are really lucky to work so closely with a partner like Ford who has dedicated a lot of resources behind the program – it really helps us develop a very competitive “Customer Car” Boss 302R program to race against the Camaro, Challenger and of course BMW and Porsche.

Q: With one race under your belt, who do you see as the biggest rivals for Multimatic Motorsports in 2010?

SM: Absolutely without a doubt the Rum Bum (Racing) BMW is very strong. When Turner (Motorsport) and their BMWs get some of their reliability issues figured out they will be a contender as well. Of course one of the Boss 302R customer teams, #37 JBS Motorsports – the highest finishing Mustang at Daytona, will be tough to beat. Obviously we were disappointed with the results from Daytona but everyone at Multimatic Motorsports can’t wait to get back out on track this week and put the Mustang back in victory lane.

Next up for Multimatic Motorsports will be the Homestead 200 which takes place at the 2.3-mile speedway road course at Homestead-Miami Speedway March 5-6, 2010.