Mustang Makes Exciting CTSC Debut at Daytona

Mustang Makes Exciting CTSC Debut at Daytona

DAYTONA, Fla. (January 28, 2017) – Courtesy of Ford Performance – The second day of the competition life of the newest Ford Mustang in the sports car racing stable was as exciting as its first.

Defending Grand Sport champion Scott Maxwell took command from the start of the race, passing Mustang teammate Dean Martin for the lead at the green flag. What ensued afterward was a race filled with more plot twists than a best-selling cliffhanger novel.

The No. 59 JDRF Ford Mustang, expertly qualified by driver Dean Martin on pole the day before for KohR Motorsports, showed pace, but was sidelined early by a broken halfshaft.

Then it was down to the No. 15 Ford and veteran Multimatic drivers Maxwell and Jade Buford. The duo battled on-track contact and penalties to come back from behind three times until a drive-thru penalty handed down for spinning the tires while the car was still elevated during a pit stop finally stopped their effort for a win for good.

“The car made it through the race. It ran flawlessly,” Buford said. “There was some unneeded drama. Some of it due to on-track incidents that were kind of hard to avoid and others were things we couldn’t avoid, like a cut tire. All in all, the Mustang ran flawlessly. This car is going to win races. It’s been a really great weekend.”

Maxwell and Buford still managed to finish p5.

“The car was fantastic,” Maxwell said. “Even with the front-end damage, it was pretty strong. It was right on pace with the leaders, but I knew what their strengths were and I knew what our strengths were, and I thought I had it covered. It’s going to have a great future. It’s a great car and I think we’ll sell a lot of them and see them around the world, which is great. A Mustang is a Mustang, but this is really great. I’ve driven Mustangs for over 20 years now, and this is the best one yet.”

Martin is happy about the momentum he carries into the season with the new Mustang.

“There’s not much to say about the car,” Martin said. “It’s just awesome. This new format and the parts that the Multimatic guys have designated for the car and the way it’s been developed, It’s just fantastic. The Ford guys did such a great job with the aero. The car is just easy to drive. Fun to drive. We had a little issue today and we’re going to figure it out and move on and start winning some races.”