Multimatic Motorsports to be Inducted to CMHF

Multimatic Motorsports to be Inducted to CMHF

MARKHAM, Ontario (August 18th, 2016) – Multimatic Motorsports is proud to have been named 2016 International Inductee to the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame (CMHF), joining prior International category inductees Carroll Shelby, Professor Sid Watkins, Bobby Rahal, and Michael Andretti.

The CMHF announcement notes Multimatic Motorsports’ Le Mans and vehicle development successes, as well as its role in Multimatic’s production of advanced components such as DSSV damping technology, and competition cars including multiple Ford Performance vehicles.

“Racers across the globe depend on Multimatic’s ingenuity and expertise to win races on all continents and in many different categories, including Formula One,” said CMHF chairman Hugh Scully.

“Multimatic is a low-key company that usually works behind the scenes to help others find success, so basking in the spotlight isn’t something we do very often,” said Larry Holt, Multimatic VP of Engineering. “It is an enormous honour to be inducted into the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame, and it’s something we will share proudly with our employees worldwide.”

Scott Maxwell – who has driven with Multimatic Motorsports since the team’s inception in 1992 – was inducted to the CMHF in 2014.

Click here to read the full announcement from the CMHF, and for details on ticket availability for the induction ceremony to be held October 22nd at the Glenn Gould Theatre in Toronto.