Frequently Asked Questions

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General Background

What is the Ford GT Mk II?

The Ford GT Mk II is a strictly-limited edition, track-only version of the Ford GT, engineered independent of race series rules, regulations and limitations.
The Mk II combines a 700+ bhp 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine, race-proven aerodynamics and phenomenal handling to produce an exhilarating, yet confidence-inspiring track car that answers the question of how much pure performance is in the Ford GT


Who designed and built the GT Mk II?

It has been a collaborative effort between Ford Performance and Multimatic.


Why did you call this the Mk II?

It bears the Mk II name as it’s a higher performance version of the original Ford GT.


Where is the Mk II manufactured?

The cars will be built at the Multimatic plant in Markham, Canada. This is the same facility that produces the Ford GT road cars. The production process will begin as per the GT then handed over to the Multimatic Motorsports team part way through the build to become a GT Mk II.


Can I drive the Mk II on the road?

No, the Ford GT Mk II is a track car. The vehicle has not and will not be homologated to emission or other regulatory requirements. This allows for the vehicle to be fully “unleashed” and allows for global distribution.



What makes Mk II the most track capable GT?

Ford and Multimatic have increased GT’s 3.5-litre EcoBoost engine to 700+ horsepower, while reducing weight and improving aerodynamics and chassis components to unleash the full potential of the GT platform, independent of global homologation rules for road cars and race series limitations.


How are you able to get more horsepower out of the same 3.5L EcoBoost engine in this application?

The Ford GT Mk II features oil gallery-cooled pistons, high flow charge air coolers and exhaust, and tuned calibration.


How fast is the car?

This is a track car with 400% more downforce than the road going Ford GT, which is what provides its impressive cornering speeds. Mk II is intended to be a track car with performance similar to GT3 race cars.
It is significantly faster than the road car but just shy of the race car’s pace, as it has more drag, it’s slightly heavier and the race car uses “confidential” tyres.


What are its expected lap times at selected circuits?

We do not have lap times to offer at this time.


Do you have 0-60, lateral G’s, or other performance numbers to share?

We expect a 0-60 time well under 3 seconds. The Mk II pulls over 2G of lateral grip.


What are the main differences between the production Ford GT and the Ford GT Mk II?

The GT and the GT Mk II are two different cars for very different uses. The GT Mk II has more aggressive aerodynamics with substantially increased downforce for improved handling, a fixed ride height with race suspension, increased horsepower, improved braking and Michelin racing slick tyres.


Sales / Aftersales

Who will run the cars?

GT Mk II customers can keep their own car and can drive it as it is.  However, the GT Mk II is a fully tuneable car so if they want to change the set up to suit a particular track they will need a crew. They can either use their own personnel or source them from Multimatic.


Who will service/maintain the cars?

Multimatic will provide all parts and technical support for customers.


How many cars will be made?

The Ford GT Mk II is even more exclusive than the production Ford GT. Just 45 GT Mk IIs will be built over the next three years.


When will the Ford GT Mk II be available?

It is available now to customers worldwide. The first five cars will be delivered before Christmas 2019 then 15 will be made per year until 45 have been delivered.


What specifications can the customer choose?

Each Ford GT MkII will be bespoke to the individual customer. There are various extras that the customer can specify, including personalised livery, passenger seat, air jacks, and custom cooling options, whether that be cool suits or full air conditioning systems.


What is the base colour?

White. Like the Ford Mustang GT4.


Why is Ford not selling the Mk II through the same process as the GT?

We’re following the same process as Multimatic’s GT4 Mustang race car.


Is there a warranty?

There is no warranty on the car, common for this type of vehicle.


How are customers being selected for allocation?

Customers are being reviewed and hand-selected by Multimatic and Ford. Customers interested in purchasing a Mk II are invited to contact Multimatic directly or via


Is the Mk II subject to the same 24 month no sale agreement as the road car?

No, the 24-month no sale agreement only applies to the road car.