Crown Royal Multimatic Ford Fightback Hindered at Daytona

DAYTONA BEACH, FL (February 6th, 2005) – After a brilliant fightback which nearly took the Crown Royal Multimatic Ford back into the top 20, lady luck again deserted the “Team of Champions” at 1.15 on Sunday morning.

With Scott Maxwell at the wheel, the car suffered its second cv-joint failure, losing drive to the rear wheels. However, unlike the first failure, this one happened just as Maxwell had passed the start-finish line.

After a long delay to get the car back to the garage, the Multimatic Motorsports set to work on repairing the rear end and also elected to install a new radiator. The team lost a total of 70 minutes, forcing them back to 30th position at the eighteen hour mark.

Since returning to the track, the Crown Royal squad has continued to turn fast lap times as the race headed into Sunday morning.

“Having two cv-joint failures has taken us out of contention, but our drivers have been absolutely brilliant,” said Larry Holt, Multimatic Vice President and Technical Director.

“Before the race started, I wasn’t sure how our guys from NASCAR would go, but I am now convinced this driver line-up could win this race. All of them have been fast and their feedback excellent.

“Kurt, Matt and Greg didn’t have any experience in sportscars, but they have been turning times you would expect from sportscar veterans.”


Scott Maxwell

“We’ve had a lot of dingaling problems the last couple of hours, but this one just came out of the blue like Matt had said wherever it happened to him. I was just going into the tri-oval and it just went like I was in neutral all of a sudden. I thought it lost the engine, so I shut it right down and then I got to the back and I started it up again, and then I just had no gears. It was the same deal as before. We’ve never really had this problem, so I think there’s something wrong that is making it break CVs. Something is not square or it’s not fixed. It’s taken a few hits.”

Matt Kenseth

“The Crown Royal car is not bad this morning, it’s a little harder to drive because the steering is getting a little tight but we are running times that are not far off the leaders and we haven’t had any other problems since we came back on track. Physically I feel good. I’m a little tire because I didn’t get a lot of sleep because I have been excited about the race but I feel good in the car. Driving at night and early in the morning is a fun time to drive. This race has been a blast. You alwasy want to win and we have had our problems this time, but I am certainly keen to do more of this type of racing.”