Crown Royal Multimatic Ford Climbing Back Through the Daytona Pack

DAYTONA BEACH, FL (February 6th, 2005) – The Crown Royal Multimatic Ford “Team of Champions” are knocking on the door of the top 20 at half distance as the team continued its fightback in the Rolex 24 at Daytona.

After twelve hours of racing, the team had made it up to 22nd position with Greg Biffle behind the wheel – moving up from 39th at the six hour mark.

Biffle, Kurt Busch, Matt Kenseth and Scott Maxwell all ran extended stints behind the wheel of #49 machine in the second quarter of the Rolex 24 – moving the car back through the field after the team lost 30 minutes in the garage with a broken cv-joint.

The car ran strongly as the team switched to the softer compound Hoosier tires in night conditions. The only extended maintenance required was on the final stop before midnight when the Multimatic Motorsports crew had to clean out the radiator duct which was causing rising water temperatures. 

“We have just put our heads down and gone as hard as we can and we are gradually moving our way through the field,” Multimatic Motorsports Vice President and Technical Director, Larry Holt said. 

“All the guys have driven exceptionally well. The pace of the car is very pleasing. We are disappointed to have dropped so far back early, but our aim is to keep pressing on for another 12 hours.”


Scott Maxwell

“We have begun a good fight back so far and nearly brought the Crown Royal car back up into the top twenty. There is still a very long way to go so we will keep pressing on throughout the night. The car has been really strong and all the guys have been very impressive at night. Greg had to pit just before midnight to clear out the radiator. That is one of the difficult parts of this race. There is a lot of debris out there on the track and you have to be careful passing cars off the racing line because of the amount of pick-up you get on your tires.”

Matt Kenseth

“The softer tires I ran in the night session were really fantastic and I was able to do a stint and a half before handing over to Greg under a yellow flag. The traffic has been a little bit tough sometimes, not only with the GT cars but one of the faster prototypes went past and turned down on me like I wasn’t even there. The Crown Royal car feels really strong now and we haven’t had any problems since we came back on track.”

Greg Biffle

“The car drove really good once we got back on track. It took me a while to get used to it, but the guys did a great job putting it back together. We lost our traction control because our axel shaft broke that piece, but it really drove well. I was really happy with it, and really got used to it at the end of the run. I kinda wanted to go another stint, but Scotty was lined up to get in it, so you might as well let him go. What was the hardest is that I put a clear shield on before I went and the sun was in my eyes for a long time. It’s been OK under the lights so far, though.”